Monday, September 6, 2010

Progress so far

I'm starting this somewhat into the project... so bear with me.

The car came as a roller no interior no engine, nothing. It was spray painted red...  Thus far, it has a 350 with a mild cam, I have the rotating assembly for the 383 thats going in this winter.

Specs so far:
SBC 350 3970010 4 bolt from a Chevelle. Cam, torker 1 intake, holley generic 600 single pump vac seconds, MSD 6-AL box, HEI dizzy.
Th-350 full manual valve body with 2600 stall.
4.11 Posi in 7 5/8 10 bolt.

Heres a few crappy cell phone pictures, more to come!


  1. dude, you must keep this updated. more car build pics and keep the part pics flowing too. this will be fun to watch

  2. Nice dude. I wish I knew this much about cars