Friday, September 24, 2010

Fuel Cell Installed

So I finally got it all done, mostly.. the straps aren't on it yet, but thats all.
Here is a bunch of photos, because they're worth 1000 words..

And some other progress photos

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Tires

I picked up a used set of tires and 15" wheels from a local for $100. The tires have good tread so I'll be using them for the rest of this season untill I can afford a new set of slicks.  The camera skews pictures a little so the last one is a height comparison.

Mickey doesn't really make indy profile anymore I think he calls them sportsmans now. But basically a road racing tire.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fuel Cell Install

Well my fuel cell showed up this afternoon so I did some measuring and started cutting out the floor to make room for it. Don't mind the fast food cup, I stop there to get water because its right next door.

And heres the cell its self. Two feeds from the 2" sump, one return and one vent valve.

Here is the piece of truck that came out

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Other purchases

Well the fuel cell isn't here yet some I'm going to go through the other things I've bought for this project.

First off is a set of UMI rear control arms for my 10 bolt. Those were $90 on summer sale.

Next is a B&M rachet shifter that I actually got used for $50 with a cable included.

Then a Proform 2100 cfm fan for $65 for the radiator, I think I'm going to need a second one of these too.
I got the radiator used for $50

And finally since I'm using a turbo 350 tranny, I had to get this change over kit to mount the torque arm to the trans. That was $95 plus a bushing $10.

Most other things I have gotten locally/used and aren't/neverwere even for sale by retailers anymore.

I also have my short term wish list:
First is this blue metallic paint that will look amazing on this style car. I'll make it a bit darker with black primer.

A new set of cheap air rear shocks for now. Moving to 4 link with coilovers before too long..

The back half frame rails and 4 link suspension mounts from EdQuay.
He did not respond to my email about using his pictures so you'll just have to use the link haha.

And most importantly the 383 stroker rotating assembly, pre balanced from Eagle.

All pictures used with permission.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Fuel Cell

Just ordered this new cell from RCI. Its a 16 gallon poly cell with a vent valve and sumped with 2 feeds.

Picture Used with permission.
Cost me 102.79 plus shipping :(

Progress so far

I'm starting this somewhat into the project... so bear with me.

The car came as a roller no interior no engine, nothing. It was spray painted red...  Thus far, it has a 350 with a mild cam, I have the rotating assembly for the 383 thats going in this winter.

Specs so far:
SBC 350 3970010 4 bolt from a Chevelle. Cam, torker 1 intake, holley generic 600 single pump vac seconds, MSD 6-AL box, HEI dizzy.
Th-350 full manual valve body with 2600 stall.
4.11 Posi in 7 5/8 10 bolt.

Heres a few crappy cell phone pictures, more to come!